The Perfect Nude

Well hello there strangers!

I’m going to start the blog the same way I did last time….sorry for being so shit! The words weren’t flowing and I didn’t want to force it. I like my blog to be free flow and like a chat. I am a chatterbox you know.

Today I’m extremely excited about this post because I have finally found the perfect nude! Lipstick that is! Being brown, asian, Indian whatever you want to call me, I always found it difficult to find a nude that actually suited me, didn’t look too pink but still look like a made an effort to put some lippie on.

Then I found…..NYX Lingerie!!! I believe whilst I’m writing this there are 24 beautiful shades….and they’re all different variations of brown/pink nude. So I wasn’t going to buy 24 lipsticks because lets face it I’m broke and not all the colours appealed to me as colours that I like or would suit me so I ordered 6, just to see how we got along.

The colours I ordered were French Maid (my fave), After Hours, Seduction, Confident, Bustier and Push-up. I think my leastfavourite is probably Push-up, only because it’s too pink for my liking. I feel like it washes my face out which isn’t really appealing.

I love how simple and sturdy the packaging is. The tubes are made from plastic, so perfect for carrying in your handbag and not likely to break. They’re also a good size for the money at £6.99 lets face it for a liquid lipstick that stays on, it’s not that bad. It’s also easy to get a hold of, I got mine at Boots. So either in store or online —> click here to check out the rest of the colours available.

It quite a creamy texture, I find two coats lasts me perfectly all day. I usually apply a coat, put my eyeliner on and do my hair and then just before i’m due to leave to go wherever I put another coat on and I find it lasts for a few hours. Even when I feel the need to top up the texture and feel on my lips remains the same. Creamy and not drying, I always find it a little sticky on the first coat but that goes away quite quickly and disappears after the second coat.

Overall I highly recommend this liquid lipstick. Again for £6.99, it’s a complete bargin and with the colour range, you’re bound to find one that works perfectly. I definitely recommend this to women of colour, as if like me you find it difficult to find the right nude this collection may be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Until next time my pretties….




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