So I’m going to try this….wish me luck!

I have tried to plan what I want to do for Blogtober…..I’m just putting it out there now, I might miss a day or two but let’s see how this goes!

For the first post I struggled to think what would be a good opening to the month and I thought back to how I plan my Bullet Journal…


My Monthly Goals

  • Lose weight – Since getting married 3 years ago I have piled on the pounds which hasn’t been amazing for my confidence. Even though the lack of confidence should be enough to motivate me, it wasn’t. However now I have had amazing news that 2 very close family members are getting married, if that doesn’t motivate me to get back into shape, I don’t know what will.
  • Complete Blogtober –  Contrary to what I said above about missing a day or two, my aim is to stick to a blog a day….wish me luck. I have planned kinda so hopefully I’ll stick to my word….
  • Start Christmas shopping – I know, I know the dreaded C word for some but for me YAY Christmas!! I love Christmas because it brings me so much happiness. Every year I wish I started Xmas shopping earlier so this year I am going too! I have ideas and lists already, my aim is to have an organised Xmas so I can relax and enjoy it!

Plans for October

This month I really want to go and try an Escape Room. I went to one last year when I went to Canada and although we failed and didn’t get out, it was one of the best times of my trip! It was an amazing experience and I really want to try one here in Birmingham because I’ve heard some amazing times!

As mentioned in my goals, I also plan to eat properly and exercise this month. I did start cardio last month, but had to stop due to back pain caused by me trying to show off at the trampoline park!….I’ve learnt my lesson, until next time that is!

Song of the Month

I am obsessed with Little Mix x CNCO – Reggaeton Lento. I love the feel of this song and it just makes me dream of listening to this on holiday and dancing away. I am slowly falling more in love with Little Mix, they’ve brought such flavour to the table recently and their style is just amazing. Always daring to be different and excellent role models to women.


Quote of the Month

‘ Tough times never last…..but tough people do’

The reason I have chosen this quote for October is initially this month should’ve been life changing for me and Billy, unfortunately it wasn’t our time and may be not to be right now….however I want to appreciate how we have been tough.

Tough enough to talk about how we feel, tough enough to stand by each others side against hurtful and ignorance, tough enough to smile and look forward and be excited for the amazing journey’s and adventures that are coming.



I hope you’ve enjoyed the first of Blogtober….comment or tweet me and let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to include or  you’d like to see.

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