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Hey everyone!

It’s day 2 and I’m back…..yay me! I’m full of cold and a bit grumpy after a crappy nights sleep, nothing a few snacks can’t fix. I am currently obsessed with the peanut butter Kit Kat fingers!!

I have done something similar to this before but here are 30 questions about me…..enjoy


Full Name:

Sharandeep Rai

Zodiac Sign:


3 Fears:

  • Snakes
  • Losing Someone I Love
  • Being Alone

3 Things I Love:

  • My Family
  • Food
  • Disney

My Best Friend:

Billy + My Mummy

Last Song I Listened To:

Jasmine Sandlas – Bamb Jatt


How Many Tattoo’s/Piercings Do I Have?

  • Standard Lobe x 2
  • Tragus
  • Forward Helix x 2
  • Helix
  • Industrial

The Reason I Started Blogging:

I went through a pretty rough time earlier this year. I needed something to put my energy into and because I’ve always loved writing, blogging felt natural.

How I Feel Right Now:

Happy! I’ve had great news today and just looking forward to the furture

Something I Really,Really Want:

To build a home with my husband and have a family of our own

My Relationship Status:

Married to the most amazing person in the world!

Meaning Behind My URL:

Sweet Reflection came from my love of sweets and the reflection related to what I wanted to do on my blog.

My Favourite Movie:

The Lion King

My Favourite Song:

I have so many. My favourite song can depend on what mood or setting I’m in.

My Favourite Band:

Blue! It was the first band I really ever fell in love with and still go fan girl when I listen to them now.

3 Things That Make Me Happy:

  • My Family
  • Chocolate/Sweets
  • My Future

My Relationship With My Parents:

My first loves, my hero’s and my everything. I am everything I am because of them and I will never be able to thank them enough for being the amazing, loving people they are

My Favourite Holiday:


3 Pet Peeves:

  • Liars
  • People who eat with their mouths open
  • Closed minded people

My Favourite Animal:


My Future Goal:

I think as above, my goal is to build a home with my husband and start a family of our own.

My Favourite Clothing Store:

New Look

My Favourite Food:

Does dessert count?

What I Did Yesterday:

I spent the majority of my day in bed because I have a cold! But I did drag myself out to go to see my family! Sunday’s aren’t complete with bickering with my nephew!

My Idea Of A Perfect Date:

Movie, snacks and cuddles!

My Celebrity Crush:

Ranveer Singh – I could watch Ram Leela on repeat quite happily!

My Favourite Colour:




Favourite Perfume:

Channel – Mademoiselle

Favourite Quote:

Hakuna Matata



I hope you enjoyed getting to know me!

Have a great night and speak to you all tomorrow





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