Autumn Lips

Autumn Lips

I love the make-up looks that come with this season. Darker, sultry and mysterious definitely up my street. Here are 5 of my staple Autumn/Winter lip colours that I love to wear throughout.


NYX Lingerie – BUSTIER

During the winter, I’d never even dream of wearing matte lips because of how drying the formulas used to be. I already battle with dry lips in this weather, I wasn’t about to help it! However during the summer a lot of brands stepped up on their matte ranges.

The one I noticed and loved the most is NYX Lingerie. I love majority of the range, but one of my favourites recently is Bustier, it’s a little on the lighter side but the reason I like that is because it means I can go for a vampy eye and balance the look.

As I mentioned in a previous post, the consistency is creamy but the finish is matte. My lips never feel dry and I’ve found after 2 coats this stuff doesn’t budge which is great b

ecause I’m lazy and hate to reapply.

NYX – Copenhagen

This is a soft matte lip cream and I love it. Similar to the above, I dont find this drying on the lips which is important when the temperature begins to drop. It’s a creamy, but I feel unlike the Lingerie collection, this one requires a little more building to get the colour I want. When I go for a burgundy shade I want it dark, with Copenhagen I feel it stays a little translucent unless you put a few coats on. I mean if you put a matching lip liner on underneath it could probably save a few layers, but I’m too lazy for that!

Rimmel – Meteoric Matte

Do you see a pattern here?

I have developed quite an unhealthy relationship with matte shades. This is a little more red toned than both that I’ve mentioned so far but I love the finish. It’s not an in your face red but teamed with a neutral eye, killer flick and flawless make up but no make up base….it works!

I’ve had this forever…I’m pretty sure under beauty laws I should’ve binned this a long time ago but hey the colour still pays off so it’s not going in the trash just yet.

Chanel – Palpitante

My first Chanel is one of my first lipstick loves.

This is a staple red lip regardless of the weather. It’s a magic pop of colour with minimal effort. As you can imagine it wasn’t the most purse friendly item on the list but defiantly worth it.

It’s long lasting and one swipe I’m good.The only downfall I can say is, if like me your clumsy and you apply this without a brush be careful not to get it anywhere but your lips as it’s pretty intense to get off. I’ve ruined many looks this way and have come to learn if using this lipstick apply it first and then do the rest of my face.

Urban Decay – Disturbed

Now if you know me, you’ll know how obsessed I am with Urban Decay, from lips, eyes to base I love it all.

I apologise for the picture, which does this beautiful lipstick no justice. It’s probably one of my most daring lips….i’m such a rebel right?!

It’s dark with tones of purple, but not so overwhelming. Again be careful when applying, because the colour is so pigmented it can be a little hard to get off. I’ve woken up after nights out with this still full intact. …..Always wash your face when wearing make up …but honestly if your lazy like me have fun removing it the next day!!

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