October BirchBox

October BirchBox


As many of you know, I love a good subscription box.

I subscribe to Birchbox and Glossybox. So as I received my Birchbox today I thought I’d share what I got for October.

ModelCo – Contour Stick

I actually got this before, maybe with Glossybox. I was going to duplicates at some point.

I’m not too made though because I really like this contour stick. It’s blendable and buildable and one thing I did think when I got it before was that I could do with a darker shade which this appears to be. I can’t see a shade colour/name/code so I could just be lying and it’s the same but it looks darker to me.

I literally draw my contour on my face, I only really contour my cheeks and blend away with a brush. I prefer a denser brush to blend initially and buff away with something a little softer.

Balance Me – Pure Skin Face Wash

I expected quite a bit of skin/body care in this months box. As the weather is getting colder I know my skin is going to need a lot of TLC.

This claims to get rid of grime and make-up without stripping the skin of moisture. I’m not going to lie, it smells pretty intense. I’m not a massive fan of fragranced face washes, although this claims to be 99% natural the mix of grapefruit and frankincense isn’t one I’d pick up myself. However as with all the products that come in these boxes I will give it a go.


Anatomicals – Grab Your Melons Shower Gel

First of all…..if that name doesn’t grab your attention I don’t know what will!

I have seen anatomicals around, I love the packaging, so simple but if you take the time to read what’s written it will always make you giggle. I actually love this product because along with smelling quite fresh and invigorating it’s paired with a leaflet in the box encouraging you to take 5 minutes to coppafeel. They have even provided a purse friendly card with 8 symptoms or signs to check for:

  • Changes in skin texture e.g puckering/dimpling
  • Lumps and thickening
  • Nipple discharge
  • Nipple inversion and changes in direction
  • Swelling in armpit or around the collarbone
  • Constant/unusual pain in breast or armpit
  • Sudden change in size/shape
  • Rash or crusting of or around nipple

If in doubt go get it checked out. You are never being too cautious when it comes to cancer.

R + Co – Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste

Hmmm so this maybe a product I’ll give to a friend or family member as my hair does not play nicely with pastes or anything really. I literally shampoo, condition and if my hair is feeling generous it will take a little hairspray but otherwise, any foreign product my hair can go from shiny mane to greasy swamp in seconds.

In all fairness it smells really good and I think someone with normal/dry hair would actually get a lot more benefit from this than I would.

Whish – Three Whishes Body Butter Almond

No it’s not a typo, the brand is actually called Whish. According to the little leaflet that comes with the box this is a Birchbox exclusive. Lucky me!

It is a decadent organic body butter which leaves skin feeling nourished and cared for. I feel like because this is a small size or sample size, whatever you want to call it, it’s going to be a good one for the handbag or car.


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