Drops of Youth – Liquid Peel

Firstly can I just say Holy Shit! I didn’t realise my skin was so gross!

I bought this completely on a whim. I was out shopping with my mum, actually went to return a bunch of crap I’d got online. Walking around, coffee in hand chit chatting away I convinced Mum to let me go into Body Shop just to ‘look around’. Lets be honest there is no just looking around in Body Shop – it will always be 99% likely I am leaving with something.

So walking around picking up random things, sniffing all the glorious scents! When I came across The Drop of Youth Liquid Peel. I’d seen a few pics online and didn’t really pay much attention but thought I’d have a little read of the bottle and see what it does.

Whilst I was reading, one of the lovely sales assistants in the Intu Merry Hill store asked if I’d like a demonstration on how the product works. Even though I could see mum’s eye piercing through me to leave, I was like sure lets check this out.

So the sales assistant took me over to the sink, mirror demonstration area of the store and asked me to give her my hand….which I did.

She explained that the product is best used on cleansed and dry skin or it just turns to mush. She literally pumped one squirt on the back of my hand and began to massage it in, within I’d say under a minute I started to see some bits rubbing away. I assumed it was just the product….it wasn’t! In fact the crap on the back of my hand was actually all the dead skin cells rubbing off and it was satisfyingly gross!

Eventually the dead skin cell bits started to fall from my hand naturally. The lady advised this is how you know it’s time to rinse.

So she rinsed my hand under the sink, patted it dry and I was amazed. I put both my hands together and the difference in colour and feel of both hands was incredible. The hand she’d used the product on was soft and light in colour where the other hand now looked grim and dull. I was immediately excited to buy, go home and use it on my face.

Also my mum was so impressed she also brought one for herself!!

I’ve used it a couple times since, as it’s more of use it once a week product than everyday. My only criticism of this would be the smell, it’s a bit strong. Nothing too overpowering but certainly strong so whereas I’m happy to use it once a week I wouldn’t use it more than that.

There are 3 variation for the liquid peels, this one is the Drops of Youth which over time will leave skin looking smooth and youthful. The other two are Drops of Light which brightens the appearance of your skin and finally the Vitamin C glow which targets all the pollutants left on the skin of the day leaving healthy looking skin.


Get yours at here

It retails at around £18 and I would most definitely say it is worth the money.

Would I recommend this – er Yeah! Plus Body Shop are no completely cruelty free which is amazing! They are even going as far as having petitions at the check out point in stores to stop animal cruelty full stop!!

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