Is It Worth The Hype?!

Can you guess what I’m going to be talking about?

Yup it’s the Fenty Beauty Foundation. I have literally seen this EVERYWHERE! Blogs, YouTube and Snapchat!! On the whole I have heard amazing things, but I really wanted to try it for myself because me and foundations have a very different relationship.

So here’s my review of Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Foundation Pro Filt’r


Fenty Beauty has been prided on the amount of different shades available. Overall I think there are 40 different shades from Light Neutral (100) to Cool (490).

I fall in the middleish area of the spectrum at Warm Peach (280). I asked for a trial before buying, because there have been too many times where I have chickened out of asking this question and walked away with the wrong shade. Warm Peach matches me perfectly. It gives a my skin but better look which I love!


It claims to be a full coverage foundation…..and it is.

I found it to be very buildable but not cakey and the finish is quite dewy. I was a bit sceptical of a dewy finish, as someone with oily skin I’ve learny dewy means a shiny face in an hour. However so far I haven’t had that problem.

It blends like a dream and so far it’s lasted mostly all day. I’ve still got a few more wears before I want to say it lasts all day, because I find once my skin gets used to a foundation is when I can really test the longevity, so I’ll come back to you on that one.



I know some of you guys are going to read this and say really why do I care about what the bottle looks like, but I actually care. I think a pretty package can make for a pretty dresser and that shit matters!

The Fenty Beauty range overall is beautiful, very clean and sophisticated. Being Rihanna’s baby I definitely expected a lot more weird and wonderful, but I’m not disappointed but the uniformity of the range.

Worth The Money?

So I picked mine up at Harvey Nichols for £26.00

I actually think this is a fair price, considering I pay a similar price for a Benefit foundation with half the coverage. Also I’d class this as high end, so compared to competitors it’s very reasonable.

Check out the full collection on


Would I repurchase?

As I said earlier, maybe it’s a little early to say.

For right now, my answer is yes! According the sales lady, I might not have to repurchase for a while because even just half a pump goes a long way. Although I don’t know if this counts under this heading, there is quite a lot of the range I still want to get including the Trophy Wife highlighter which was sadly sold out when I went.

Worth The Hype?


Rihanna has done an amazing job on all levels with this product and the brand overall. I can’t wait to buy and test more products because of the amazing things I’ve heard but also from a first impression use myself.

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