How Well Does My Husband Know Me?

Me and my husband, Billy have been married nearly 3 years but have been together 6 years. So you’d think he knows me pretty well right?!

I decided to put him to the test. I googled a few questions and asked him and literally wrote down every word! ( Bare in mind he was watching Transformers at the time of answering these questions, so I got like 15% attention)

What is the name of my first ever best friend?

B: Your best friend or our best friend?

S: My best friend!

B: I don’t know….a girl you went to school with?!

S: Guess a name

B: Chontelle!

S: It was Hannah!!


What would be my dream holiday


S: Those are two different places

B: Disneyland

S: No Florida…Disney world


What is the name of my high school?

B: Dudleyville

S: Are you being serious

B: I don’t know Northfield…Heathfield

S: Which one is it?!

B: Heathfield

Actual answer – Heathfield Tech College

Name something I’ve done that I’m proud of

B:Started a blog


Who are my hero(s)?

B: You don’t have any

S: Don’t I?

B: Joker

S: FML! It’s my parents!


What is my favourite feature on myself?

B: Your smile!

S: * flashes a Cheshire cat style smile*


How many piercings do I have?

B: 6

S: Are you sure?

B: mmmhmmm

S: It’s actually 7

What comforts me when I’m sad?

B:Gino the Giraffe

S: Gino is the best


What is my all time favourite TV show?

B: Gilmore Girls

S: Yeah I’ll give you that


What is my favourite time of the year?

B: Christmas

S: Or my birthday


Who is my favourite designer?

B:Vivenne Westwood

S: Well done….now you can buy me a bag for answering so my answers wrong!


Who is my favourite Disney character?


S: scowling at him for being a moron

It’s Tinkerbell


Who is my favourite Villan?

B: The Joker

S: Thank god you know something about me


What is my favourite make up brand?

B:Urban Decay

S: Well done!


All in all he got 8! Not as bad as I thought, but I’m still going to annoy him throughout the whole film now!

Thanks for reading guys….I hope you enjoyed it 🙂


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