Ink vs Tattoo



I’ve always loved winged liner but since I started to experiment with eyeshadows more I found that the liquid liner wasn’t standing out as much. Top liner always made me feel together….if I had nothing else but liquid liner I’d be happy.

It either didn’t show on top of the shadow or after an hour or so it had blended in which I didn’t really appreciate either. I kind of gave up on winged liner….that is until I discovered Kot Von D’s liner. I mean I’m not really shocked because if you’ve ever seen Kat Von D’s eyeliner it is always banging! I’m proud to admit I am fully envious of that wing and I will continue to practice until mine also looks that good!

In saying this out of the two, I do have a favourite by a mile….

Ink Liner – £16.00 – Debenhams

Ink liner is literally what it says on the package….an ink liner! It’s massively pigmented, smooth to apply and because of the super sharp tip, it’s easy to create a precise line.

Positives – There are 10 vibrant and beautiful liner shades. Due to the felt tip nib, it is easy to create a fiercely amazing wing.

Negatives– So this makes me sad but my ink liner dried out so quickly, I mean within a couple of months which sucked because I bought mine whilst in Canada and Kat Von D hadn’t quite made it to the UK so I couldn’t replace it unless I ordered another online.

With the ink liner, I also found the line didn’t pop as much on top of eyeshadow. I found I had to work harder and go over the line a few times before I could get that beautiful pop of colour, as I normally would without wearing eyeshadow.

Tattoo Liner – £16.00 – Debenhams

This is unlike any liquid liner I have eye used before. It’s not your standard felt tip nib but instead, the tip is made up of 325 individual super fine bristles! Now you’d think that would make applying a smooth top liner hard….I can hold my hands up and say 9/10 times I create a perfectly lined eye!

Positives– It’s waterproof….it’s transfer proof and it lasts all bloody day! I can literally apply this at 6.30am before leaving for work, come home at 5.30pm and look in the mirror and the only thing that still looks good is my liner! As I said above, I create an almost flawless line each time I use this liner.

Negatives– The only two negatives I have for this product is that there are only 2 colours available and it’s a B**** to wash off…..but I mean I can live with that!!

As with all of Kat Von D’s products the liners are Vegan and 100% cruelty-free! I am beyond happy that it’s now so easily accessible here in the UK. The whole range is available in Debenhams and honestly price wise it is most definitely reasonable. £16.00 for a liner as amazing as the Tattoo Liner is a bargain in my eyes! I massively recommend the tattoo liner, even if you’re not confident with top liner this is a game changer! With the fesitvie season approaching and Christmas parties around the corner, I’d go as far as saying this is a must-have!

I can’t wait to try more of the Kat Von D range. I’ve got my eye on the Saints vs Sinners eyeshadow collection at the moment! Hopefully, I’ve been a good girl and Santa will bring it me for Christmas!


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