A Little Bit Of Happiness

‘If happiness were a fragrance it would be…….’

I like so many others suffer from anxiety. It can stem from anywhere or anything! So understandably if I can find something to help, I’ll give it a go.

Rituals Happy Mist is a body and bed mist. It’s made of sweet orange and cedar wood, which isn’t a scent I’d normally go for considering I’m much more inclined to sweet scents as you can probably tell from my love of Lush’s Snow Fairy. However, did you know these two scents have mood enhancing properties? No, neither did I until I felt it work myself.

I like to spritz Happy Mist before bed and when I say spritz literally one or two pumps is enough as it’s a pretty intense smell. Don’t get me wrong, I actually really like the scent, like I said not one I’d pick up myself but honestly it’s not one you’d go overboard with because it is so strong. I suppose that’s why Rituals advise on the website that it can last around 3 months.

As I said earlier, I use this just before bed on my pillow and sheets. I’d started to notice a pattern with my anxiety being worse just before trying to nod off and to be honest I love to sleep, so anything that can send me to the land of nod quicker I’m happy with. I have definitely noticed a difference with feeling calmer and dare I say it….happier before bed. I mean it could be a placebo effect, but if it’s working I don’t really care how or why!

I was actually lucky enough to be given this to try by the wonderful ladies at the Rituals store in Cheshire Oaks. Amongst talking about the amazing candles I’d also brought, I happened to mention that I couldn’t wait to blog about them to which one of the ladies responded with ‘let me give you samples!’ I was so grateful and the girls were amazing from talking about blogging to mimicking the moves to Backstreet Boys – Everybody!

Happy Mist retails for £16.50 which is a massive bargain in my books. For a scent that lingers, looks expensive and for me does what it says on the bottle I would most definitely repurchase at that price!

I can’t wait to share my other bits and bobs that I got from Rituals and I feel like there may be many more blogs coming your way about this brand as a new store is opening near me in Grand Central, Birmingham on 23rd November and I can not flipping wait!!!






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