Look Who’s Back!!

Guess who’s back….back again…..

Firstly, I want to apologise to all the beautiful ladies and gents who have taken the time to message me and ask…Sharan! Where the hell are you?! I honestly did appreciate the messages, although I’m crap at replying.

I have a little awol recently and it was for a number of reasons. I started a new job…Yay me! A job I finally am in love with doing and look forward to going to work again. 

Second reason.. I was feeling a little meh. Writers block got me down, I was writing about shit for the sake of posting stuff, trying to keep up with twitter and all sorts! So I thought you know what…I’m taking some me time! Let me remember why I started this….I don’t want to run a lifestyle blog or a fashion blog…. I want to do both damn it! I got so far into my own head that I decided to shut down and theres no saying it won’t happen again! I’m human! But for right now…. I’m back and will be posting as regularly as I can!


Lots of Love + Happy Vibes all!!

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