OMG! She’s Naked!

Naked Shower Gel

Snow Fairy


It’s that time of year! Lush have released their Christmas collection!

Now I know there are loads of new products, and a blog will be coming soon about those things. For now, though I want to talk to you about a returning favourite of mine….. SNOW FAIRY!

I have bought this every year since I can remember and when it goes away I love forward to it coming back. How do you resist the pinky, sweet goodness of this product! It instantly puts me in a festive good mood and it’s the green, or maybe the pink light in this instance that I’m allowed to be excited for Christmas!

The reason I’ve chosen to write about Snow Fairy this time is that she’s changed! She’s naked!

If you’re familiar with Lush, you know how environmentally friendly they are. They have always encouraged the recycling of bottles, so much so the bottles used to tell you a back story of your little products origin! I used to think this was amazing, but they’ve taken it a step further and removed the casing all together!


Lush Naked Shower Gel - Snow Fairy

Now, I can’t lie when I first saw this it definitely sparked interest but at the same time, I wondered how it would work. When I say that I mean, how many bubbles would it make? Would it break apart after the first time of use? Should I spend the extra couple of quid and get the plastic bottle I know and love?

I decided to give it a go and to be honest, I was pleasantly surprised. I spoke to a lovely sales assistant who demonstrated the use of the Naked Shower Gel and it didn’t break apart, it smelled beautifully sweet as always and bubbled up just like the old shower gel did.

The scent as always is amazing. I’m terrible at explaining scents but for me, this has such a nostalgic scent. With the sweetness of it, I instantly think of the old school sweet shops, pear drops and cola cubes. Along with that, as soon as I used Snow Fairy I think of Christmas and begin to excite for the festive season which makes me so happy.

My only criticisms of this shower gel are that it finishes way quicker than the bottle, that could be because Billy was secretly using it too and it’s a slippery sucker in the shower. It designed to work like a shower gel, so you can lather it up in your hands or go for it directly on your body, but just be careful because it slipped out my hands so many times and it did make the base of the shower a little slippy, nothing life-threateningly dangerous but if your clumsy like me just be careful.

I got mine at Lush – Intu Merry Hill for £8.25. The price isn’t bad considering the bottle is about £13 but again I think the bottle does last longer so I think next time I would go for the bottle. All in all, I’d still repurchase Snow Fairy but maybe in her original form.


I hope you enjoyed this review. I can’t wait to try all the new Lush Christmas Collections, do you have any recommendations?





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