How To Make Extra Money Online

It’s that time of year. No matter how hard you saved all year, or how organised you are…let’s face it we’re broke! At least I am. I’m one of those people who buys a gift months in advance, and then closer to the time I see something better so I up spending more….so if you think about it, I spend double!

Besides me being an unorganised weirdo, I thought I’d share a few ways to make a little extra cash. By no means will I make you a millionaire, but you can buy an extra coffee at least.


21 Buttons

I came across 21 Buttons after watching a vlog by Roxxsaurus Vlogs. It’s basically like Instagram but it can make you a few extra quid!

The idea behind 21 Buttons is to post pictures (the prettier the better…of course!) of full items or a single item and even make up. Once you’ve posted an amazing pic of you looking all hot in a new outfit, all you need to do is tag the item. Exactly like Insta right! Except if someone likes your outfit, and decides to buy by clicking your pic, you get a little commission.

The commission varies, and honestly, it pennies! But if you can pennies just by posting a pretty pic and tagging a company, it’s easy money. I suppose it goes without saying, the more your post and the better quality your pics are the more likely it is that people will click and buy.

21 Buttons is a free app which is available for Apple and Android.


Online Survey’s

This is possibly one of the better-known ways to make money online. Companies are forever wanting consumer input so what better way to do that then get us to fill out little questionnaires.

Most online survey companies will ask that you sign up and make an account. One downside of this, prepare your inbox for a s***load of spam emails. I still get some telling me to claim my iPhone X that I won a year ago!

Surveys usually pay out in vouchers, usually for Amazon rather than actual cash. Although I have heard of some paying to Paypal too so if this is something you’d like to do in your spare time, make sure you read up and choose the one that suits you.

I really recommend this for a little extra money, the surveys usually take 5 mins and it’s a breeze to get through. You’re literally being paid to give your opinion.


Affiliate Marketing

I recommend this for those of you with a strong social media presence. Similarly to 21 Buttons, affiliate links are pictures or text which are hyperlinked with a specific HTML. The HTML is unique to you and when a viewer or reader clicks and buys the item you’ve featured you make a small commission.

I really need to stress, this doesn’t cost readers or viewers any extra. Companies provide this incentive as it drives more traffic to their website, in the same way, influencers are sent free items to feature in blog posts and vlogs.

The site I use is I find the commission rates perfect and they work with a lot of brands that I love and feature quite often. If you do plan on using affiliate links, I always think full disclosure is a must. I’ve popped a little disclaimer on my site, but some people also add at the bottom of each post a link is used. It’s honest and with affiliations, you really have nothing to hide.

An example of an affiliate picture is this Awin one, go ahead click it. It won’t cost you a thing but it’ll put it on a report that I’ve had some attention and you can even sign up if you want. You do pay a £5 sign up which after approval comes right back to you.

Affiliation is so easy and once you’ve posted it, you literally let the link do what it needs to!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and hopefully, you can make a few extra quid in the lead up to Xmas. Let me know below if you have any money making tips to get us through Christmas spending!


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