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I think I’m a little in love with Graze at the moment. Yes, I know I’m late to the party but I’ve recently started a new way of healthy eating. I wouldn’t call it a diet because I’m not restricting what I eat more so when….but that’s for another blog.

My biggest vice when it comes to making healthy choices is snacks. I’m always going to want a chocolate more than a carrot let’s be honest but Graze the crafty sods have made healthy…tasty.

At the moment I’m obsessed with the Smokehouse Bbq Mixed Nuts.

Per snack pack, it’s 137 calories and contains different nuts, which although they’re bbq flavour they all taste different and have different textures. The pack contains sweet & smoky bbq peas. crunchy corn chops and jumbo chilli corn. The peas are definitely my favourite. They’re filling and because they’re already sorted into snack packs I know my portion is right.

Since I’ve been eating these I have looked into subscribing to Graze boxes, I got this pack from Asda for £5.99 which is great but there is way more variety on the website…there are a particular few flavours which are calling my name such as:

Billionaires Shortbread – My favourite sweet treat and if I can do this healthy what’s not to love. The Billionaire’s shortbread contains Cornish vanilla fudge, Belgian milk chocolate, chewy cranberries, blanched almonds. Even without subscribing it’s only £5.99 for 6 punnets.

Sour Cream and Garlic Crostini – This just sounds amazing. I love garlic and I love sour cream so I can’t see why I wouldn’t love this. This snack pack contains pan roasted cashews with sour cream & onion seasoning and crunchy garlic crostini. Similar to above it’s only £5.99 for 6 punnets. It’s ideal to pick up and take to work for either a mid-morning/afternoon snack.

There are loads more flavours that I cannot wait to try but these are the two I’m looking most forward to in the near future.

Check the website out below and let me know which flavours your favourite…

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