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Are you a Monkey or a Tiger?

A bit of an odd question to ask I know, but recently I was lucky enough to be invited to try a brand new cider by  Birmingham PR agency Delicious PR www.deliciouspr.co.uk. The monkey represents Mango Fandango and the tiger is the face of Pomergrante Panache…once you’ve had a taste let me know what you are? ….I’m definitely a monkey with a soft spot for the tiger!

ODC is a premium fruit cider brand who pride themselves on being vegetarian/ vegan and gluten-free. As someone who isn’t any of those things, I didn’t really pay much attention to them until I tried the ODC ciders. I don’t drink much cider, the occasional Koppaberg in the summer but it’s never really my drink of choice because after one I feel so incredibly bloated and meh!

No one wants to be friends with the girl belching in the corner, do they?!

With ODC ciders, I drank and drank and drank and felt great. The Pomegranate Panache and Mango Fandango flavour a soooo good! They taste amazing, fruity and fresh but at no point did I feel bloated or full of bubbles. Sunny, one of the representatives described this in the best possible way….ODC is simply ‘sessionable’. We translated that into meaning it’s easy to drink, enjoyable and above all else tasty!

At the moment there are two flavours available. Initially, before trying anything I felt hesitant about the pomegranate because I’m generally not a fan but I couldn’t wait to try the mango! However, I was definitely pleasantly surprised by both.

Not only were we invited to try the new ciders, but also to try The Stables class pizzas! We were treated to a range of pizzas, including Margarita… my favourite, a meat feast and a goats cheese one and because the staff were so amazing they made a gluten-free option for a fellow blogger and trust me we all enjoyed it! The pizzas were truly tasty and you could taste the quality of the ingredients.

The atmosphere at The Stable is so light and fun. The decor is so modern with the low copper wire light bulbs and long wooden tables. I could imagine going there with friends for a meal to catch up and the staff were amazing. All ready for a little banter with slightly intoxicated bloggers after one too many fruity ciders.  It’s literally a 2-minute walk from Grand Central station. If you’re looking for a chill night out with friends in Birmingham, amazing food and atmosphere I’d definitely recommend The Stable.

The cider and the pizza complimented each other incredibly. Even though I think Mango Fandango is my favourite, Pomegranate Panache tasted better with every sip and actually tasted even better with the pizza!


I can’t wait to go back to The Stable and devour a whole pizza to myself and get my hands on some more ODC. At the moment ODC is only available online at www.odcdrinks.com but they should be in stores around Birmingham soon….and there is talk of new flavours being developed so keep an ear out.


*Disclosure: this was a PR event and therefore the food and drinks were complimentary. However photos, opinions and words are all mine.


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