Wild Argan Oil Obsessed

Wild Argan Oil Obsessed

I came across this range at The Body Shop around Christmas 2016 and it all started with a hand cream that was in the 3 for 2 baskets by the till. I needed hand sanitizer anyway so I remember picking up one mango scent for the car and a strawberry scent for my handbag. After those I had a little look and there weren’t any scents that took my fancy. I looked in the next basket full of hand creams and picked the top one without even bothering to see scent or usefulness! It was the best impulse buy and my favourite item since.

I had picked up Wild Argan Oil Hand Cream. This cream instantly sinks into the skin. A little definitely goes a long way. A tiny pea sized blob in the palm of your hand and just massage into the skin.


The scent lingers for about 30 mins after applying…. I know it doesn’t sound like ages but better than most hand creams out there. It’s difficult to describe the scent, it always reminds me of being on holiday for some reason. You will also notice the instant softness to your hands…. I noticed especially in January when it was freezing cold and my hands felt dry almost to the point of cracking, the Wild Argan Oil Hand Cream provided instant relief.

The next time I went to Body Shop I actually paid attention and noticed there was a whole Wild Argan Oil range and so I picked up the Sublime Nourishing Whipped Lotion and Exfoliating Gel Body Scrub. Both products have the same beautiful scent and just as amazing as the hand cream. I have added this to my leg shaving routine. Now the sun’s out the quick swipe of the razor doesn’t work anymore I actually want the silky smooth legs.


I start with the showering normal routine…hair, face and so on and save the dreaded shaving until the end, however since adding these two products I find it so much easier and better results. I start by using the exfoliator in the shower all over my legs, especially scrubbing my knees as I notice my knee caps always look dry. After rinsing and using a shaving cream I find shaving goes so much smoother and I’ve also noticed far less ingrown hairs. Obviously after this continue with general showering and you know, use shower gel of choice.

When I get out the shower I used the whipped lotion.

Now I tried this both with wet and dry skin and although the end result is silky smooth I do find using on dry skin the best.

As with most Body Shop products they ingredients are all natural but if you have any queries about exactly what’s in what I’ll leave the link to each product just below.

I really hope you’re enjoying my blog so far, if you are please follow to keep up to date. Also as a new blogger I’m very open to suggestions on improvements or future blog ideas.

-x- Lots of Love –x-


Wild Argan Oil – Sublime Nourishing Whipped Lotion – £8.50 – https://www.thebodyshop.com/en-gb/range/wild-argan-oil/wild-argan-oil-sublime-nourishing-whipped-lotion/p/p000254

Wild Argan Oil – Hand Cream – £4 – https://www.thebodyshop.com/en-gb/range/wild-argan-oil/wild-argan-oil-hand-cream/p/p000249

Wild Argan Oil – Exfoliating Gel Body Scrub – £13 https://www.thebodyshop.com/en-gb/range/wild-argan-oil/wild-argan-oil-exfoliating-gel-body-scrub/p/p000250


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