Without A Solid Foundation….

“Without a solid foundation, you’ll have trouble creating anything of value”

So I’m newish to make up! When I was younger my Dad never really allowed it…he was strict but it’s all appreciated now.

I started off wearing eyeliner… you know the score go to school fresh faced…car drives off…eyeliner is applied ( I was the envy of every panda in the world) and then 3.25pm trying to wash that shit off so no one knew. They always knew!

I think this triggered the love of makeup now. The one piece of makeup I do struggle with to this day is foundation. I have dry cheeks and a oil slick t-zone! I find it so hard

to find a foundation that works and looks good…you know like all those insta vids!

The 5 that have worked for me so far are….

Benefit – Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW!

Price: £29.00 on Benefit.com or £26.10 on Debenhams.com

In total there are 9 shades. My shade is BEIGE.

As you may tell from the bottle this is one of my favoured foundations. This is my 3rd repurchased bottle and as you can tell no.4 isn’t far away.

Hello Flawless is a build-able liquid foundation and I loved it from the first use. I have oily skin so foundations are always an issue but this even without a primer stays put. I would say a bit of setting powder helps with the shiny factor but nothing major like I’ve dealt with before.

Benefit say this is a “brightening liquid foundation with light to medium coverage. You but more luminous and healthy” and I certainly agree. I find my skin looks glowy but not oily and its easy to apply products on top of this foundation.

Due to the consistency of the foundation I do find a beauty blender works better than a brush just blending it into the skin a little more cleanly.

Pros – Healthy, non oily looking skin. Build-able for a fuller coverage, long lasting throughout the day

Cons – It is a bit pricey and because I do wear this an everyday foundation it finishes pretty damn quickly.


Revlon Photoready – Airbrush Effect

Price: £12.99 on Boots.com

In total there are 8 shades. My shade is 005 NATURAL BEIGE.

I’ve had a mixed experience with this foundation. I initially brought this a couple of years ago now i think and I just didn’t get on with it. I found it streaky no matter how much I blended.

Now I’m all about second chances I thought why not give it another go! Man was I surprised. The formula is nothing like i remember, still very liquidy ( as you’d expect from a liquid foundation) but the application had me floored. It glided on beautifully using a brush, I find stippling worked bed than circular blending. My skin ended up with a warm glow and I took a selfie to test the theory of course and let me tell you….filters were unneeded.

I do however recommend a primer under this foundation, I just find the application is a little more flawless and smooth with one and same as above I found applying make up on top very easy. In regards to application, brush, beauty blender or fingers and you’ll be fine just make sure to prime first.

Pros – Affordable, Build-able

Cons – I dont find as long lasting as the other and definitely had to powder my nose a few times to get rid of shine.

Bobbi Brown – BB Cream

Price: £29.50 on Selfridges.com or £26.55 on Debenhams.com

In total there are 9 shades. I use shade MEDIUM TO DARK

This is my go to on sunny no make up -make up days. Here in the UK we’re not that used to the sun but when it comes all I want is my face but a little better with a bit of lip balm and I’m off to enjoy.

According to the Bobbi Brown website the BB cream is a multi-functioning product:

  • Covers imperfections and even skin tones
  • Draws moisture into the skin
  • Brightens dullness
  • Reduces the look of wrinkles
  • Shields skin against damaging

Now I can certainly say i agree with 4 out of the 5. I haven’t really tested the wrinkle theory yet. As for the other points it does what it says.

However drawing moisture to my oily face isn’t always the best. I do find it’s not as long wearing and I either need to reapply whilst enjoying the sunshine or just popping off to powder my nose more than I should.

For application I feel like fingers work the best with most bb creams. Just dot around and blend with fingers and you’ll get the best finish.

Pros – Perfect for light coverage for lazy make up days, SPF 35

Cons – Not very long lasting,  Pricey

Estee Lauder – Double Wear

In total there are 44 shades and I wear 4C3 SOFT TAN 41

Price: £32.50 on Esteelauder.com

Out of the five this is probably my least favourite. I find this to be quite thick on the skin as if I can feel the product sitting on top although a good primer does help with this.

It’s medium coverage but very build-able, so if you know your going to be out for a while or even a long night out this is probably the one Id recommend.

I apply this with a brush, lightly powder on top to set and I kid you not this foundation does not budge. I tend to pick this for a night out because I like to be very fuss free when I’m out.

For this one I find a brush the best as the texture is a little thicker than a normal liquid foundation I always feel the brush blends a little better.

On the Estee Lauder website they do mention this is smudge and transfer free and they are so right. Once it’s on there it’s not budging. But make sure to wash this one off before bed ( not that you shouldn’t do that with all make but you know) because of the thickness sleeping this with clog your pores.

Pros – Long-wearing, So many shade choices – something for every skin tone

Cons  – Texture is a little weird, Heavy on the skin

Tarte Amazonian Clay

Price: £30 on Tarte.com

There are 25 shade in total and I use TAN SAND.

I brought this whilst abroad in Canada, maybe not the best time as I was tanned and always find the colour a little darker than I actually am, but that’s not the foundations fault it’s mine!

The Amazonian Clay texture always reminds me of BB cream more than a standard foundation, it’s a little thicker but with much fuller coverage.

A little of this goes a long wear, I can literally have perfect coverage with less than a pea sized squirt of this foundation.

Tarte say it’s oil free liquid foundation formulated with amazonian clay. It certainly doesn’t make me oily I can agree with that. It’s difficult to describe the texture once applied, its more matte than dewy that’s for sure.

I did find it difficult to figure out the best way to apply this foundation but for now a beauty blender is doing the trick. I do always find I need to moisturise quite heavily after washing this off as my skin always feels dry.

Pros – Long wearing, Medium- full coverage.

Cons – Skin feels dry after wearing this, application can take some getting used to.

I hope you enjoyed reading this! If there are any foundations you’d recommend for an oily person please comment below I’m always ready to try something new!


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  1. I love the Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation! One of my go-to’s right now! And I’ve always wanted to try the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation, I’ve hard great things! x

    Amanda | thebeautypanda.com

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